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HR Cost & Planning

HR Cost & Planning: productivity, planning and control

Time is an essential resource in every company, but managing it at its best to maintain quality and optimize costs can be complex.


Thanks to its Workforce Management software, Zucchetti offers an integrated system able to improve corporate productivity.

Workforce Scheduling and Shift Planning

Zucchetti's Workforce Management software ZScheduling is the software that solves problems and complexities associated with shift management and planning. Configurable on several employment contracts, Zucchetti Workforce Scheduling software fully meets the needs of organizations of all sizes and industries: hospitals and healthcare, manufacturing, services, retail and so on.

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Job Costing

ZTimesheet is the job costing solution that allows identifying the working hours of the personnel and assigning them by projects, job orders and customers in order to precisely and easily control their profitability.

Resources Forecast

ZForecast is an adaptive, intelligent system that thanks to its self-learning capacity, answers the needs for a constantly changing process such as workforce management. This is thanks to the innovative application of artificial intelligence that analyzes workflows, combines historical data and takes into account organization volatility, working with a precise forecast algorithm for each type of business and for each sector.


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HR Budget and Cost Management

HR Budget & Cost Management is the Zucchetti HR Infinity suite solution, fully developed with web technology, that allows modern HR management to manage and monitor the various personnel cost components (contract salary elements, variable wages, bonus system, etc.) and various management events that influence it (labor cost forecast, new hires, terminations, salary policies, internal mobility, absenteeism, etc.). The Zucchetti personnel budget and cost software is an advanced and fully functional tool that organizes and processes cost data, to be able to analyze detailed trends, forecast future evolution (budget and forecast) and permit accurate comparisons and analyses to promptly intervene and implement the necessary corrective measures.

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