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HR management and administration in the 4.0 era

Your personnel: the most important resource!

Each person is a resource for the company. For this reason, Zucchetti HR software supports the HR department in valuing talents, in improving the corporate environment and in reaching strategic goals: in fact, the unique database and its native integration guarantees the optimization of all administrative, management and HR analysis processes.

Time & attendance software

is accessible from any place through any type of Internet/Intranet connection and best manages data collection in companies/entities with decentralized functions with more headquarters, branches, stores and working sites. 
The solution allows branches to manage Time and Attendance via web in complete autonomy, without having to install the software at their premises.


Access Management

Access Management is the access control software that works with Zucchetti terminals to ensure the comprehensive management of business security. Access Management acquires, validates and monitors transits through business entrances and exits, such as doors, gates, barriers and turnstiles. Employees, visitors and vehicles are authorized to transit based on specific rules

business team

HR Portal

A real portal that optimizes the management and communication processes, streamlines and improves efficiency of the personnel department activities. HR Portal allows all services, information and employee self-service for collaborators and applications reserved for the personnel office to be published online. 

Human capital resource


A company's competitive advantage lies in its people. It is therefore important to select the best talent, know and motivate personnel and to have full control over HR data to achieve the best results.

That's why Zucchetti offers you HCM and Human Resources software, able to support you in every moment of the Employee Journey, in every personnel management process and to respond, thanks to the modularity of the offer, to the needs of SMEs, large companies and multinationals:

  • Selection and Talent Acquisition software

  • Training software to manage budgets and courses

  • E-learning and Gamification software

  • Compensation and Assessment (remuneration policies, incentives, salary reviews, performance, positions, potential, careers and successions) and employee Feedback collection software

  • Dossier for the collection and analysis of personal, salary, contractual and training data of each person

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